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The brand new “piping hot” fish restaurant in Ataşehir, Beluga Fish Gourmet, introduces sea food delicacies to the people of Ataşehir.

Being the center of business and economy in the Anatolian side, Ataşehir has become a popular settlement trend. This elite place possessing a wide variety of restaurants offering A+ delicacies, has a brand new fish restaurant now: Beluga Fish Gourmet. Manager of the restaurant, the Industrialist-Businessman Mişel İpekoğlu, who is interested in fish as a family habit, offers 40 types of starters and fresh fish to fish lovers together with his daughters Suzet, Nancy and his partner Murat Dağseven. Mişel İpekoğlu says: “We opened this restaurant in the center of Ataşehir to change the view that fish can only be eaten at the seaside. Our restaurant, concept and menu have been so much liked that, we have already received many offers for branches. We have even received a job offer from Dubai.” Beluga Fish Gourmet, which has its name from the most favorite black caviar Beluga, is an ambitious restaurant with its A+ service quality as well as its professional and experienced staff. Perfect delicacies from the kitchen of Beluga Fish Gourmet are the products of the expert cook, Hamit Ay.


Organizations and Meetings

Beluga Fish Gourmet, which has meeting rooms and kids playground, consists of two floors. There is the main salon for 150 people on the ground floor , a VIP salon for 70 people and a VIP Lounge for 80 people on the upper floor.

In Beluga, you can prefer the VIP salon of 70 people and VIP Lounge of 80 people for your special business meetings. You can also have all kind of organizations from birthday parties to boutique weddings, engagement ceremonies to baby showers and training seminars